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My singing has passed the Board of the Music Department






Thurs. 21st Mar., 1991. 20℃. Cloudy.

It was the very first experience in my life!

I have finally passed the Board of the Music Department this afternoon. Before entering the room, I was thinking how I should stand, where I should put my hands, and how bad it would be if I couldn't remember the lyrics (歌詞).

I was so worried that my hands became cold and wet.

Until my name was called, my mind calmed down immediately. I walked seriously (認真地) into the rehearsal (排練) room with my accompanist (伴奏者).

Three lecturers were sitting there.

After the piano introduction, I had acquired (得到) the right mood and attacked () the first phrase () precisely (準確地).

Owing to the good acoustic effect (音響效果) of the room, my voice was rich () and bright (). I became even more confident (有信心的) to end the last song quite satisfactorily.



Buildings were lost in the mist

Fri. 22nd Mar., 1991. 19. Rainy.

At this time of the year, the weather is getting more and more humid (潮濕). Papers become so soft that it makes writing not smooth, especially when using sharp pencils. Clothes having absorbed (吸收) moisture (濕氣) from the air make me feel uncomfortable. My hairs are greasy (油膩) and I look discouraged (沒神采的).

The condition in the campus of Chinese University is even more extreme. A professor has written some poems to describe this early spring atmosphere in CU.

This morning , I came out of the University Library and found that everything was shrouded (遮掩) in the mist. The glass doors of the administration building (行政大樓) had tiny drops of water on them.

When I looked forward and couldn't see the University badge (徽章) at the far end, I experienced the scene the professor depicted (描寫) in his poem, "buildings were lost in the mist".

Poor Saddam Hussein

Sat. 23rd Mar., 1991. 18. Cloudy.

Saddam Hussein has been hiding somewhere since the end of the Gulf War. I read in the newspaper that he asked for asylum (庇護) from Egypt (埃及) immediately after the war but was refused (拒絕).

He deserves (應得的) to have such a critical (艱難的) moment for he brought about the war, causing Iraq , his own country, and Kuwait a destructive consequence (破壞的後果).

There is shortage of food, water, and medicine in many cities of Iraq. Epidemics (傳染病) are most likely to happen under such poor circumstances.

Civil wars have been reported in some parts of Iraq aiming to overthrow Saddam Hussein's government.

In Kuwait, besides suffering heavy damages, people are facing serious air pollution due to some six hundred burning oil wells set on fire deliberately (故意地) by Saddam.

How detestable (可恨的) Saddam is! On the other hand, how poor this man is as he is just the chosen (被選擇到的) one out of billions and billions of men on earth, who is responsible for this "ought-to-be disaster" (應有的災難)!

I say this because everything has its opposite. The world has been peaceful and flourishing (繁榮) for a long time. There should be a destructive war for balance, though (雖然) we don't want any.

This is merely an artful (狡猾的) explanation for the grievous (悲傷的) fact.


A close friend of mine suffers from having gallstones

Sun. 24th Mar., 1991. 18. Cloudy.

My close friend suffers from having gallstones (膽石) and will have an operation tomorrow in Baptist Hospital (浸會醫院).

We were Primary School classmates in the New Territories and had a lot of good times in those days. The most unforgettable (不能忘記的) thing we did was often riding bicycle together here and there until late at night.

He is not talented (有才華), but kind and friendly. I always feel easy to be with him . We had lived together for three years before he got married.

He has two young children and his wife stays at home looking after them.

Removing gallstones is not a major operation, nonetheless (可是) it still has some risks. I wish him the best of luck and shall go to see him tomorrow.


I went to Monkok to buy a large notebook

Mon. 25th Mar., 1991. 19. Cloudy .

We had a debate in Modern Chinese Literature lesson this morning. It was an exciting one. My group was for the topic. We argued until the last minute of the lesson but still couldn't draw (得出) any conclusion.

In the gap between lessons, I went to Monkok to buy a large notebook for my journals because my English lecturer Mrs Bond loves this kind of notebook.

I had window-shopping while roaming the streets. Although only a short time, I enjoyed it and felt fresh when being back to the campus (校園).

During the lesson I was happy to know that I got grade B in Music History mid-term examination.

If without Benjamin Britten's Spring Symphony, today's history lesson could be very boring (悶到爆炸).

She must be torn between two major things

Tues. 26th Mar., 1991. 22. Fine.

When I entered the ward (病房) this afternoon, I was frightened by the scene that my friend was lying in the bed, looking half-dead. His wife was sitting beside him with her face buried in a pillow (枕頭).

Everything was still. I put down my schoolbag and walked silently to his wife and touched her shoulder. She looked up at me with a tired face.

She told me that the operation (手術) had finished yesterday afternoon and it took about one and a half hour. She pointed to the two plastic bottles, showing me one with a gall bladder (膽囊) inside and the other over ten black tiny stones.

She has been there accompanying (陪伴) her husband since yesterday. Seeing her sad and exhausted, I knew that this woman has suffered as much as her husband. I immediately took her to the canteen because I was afraid that she might get ill if she didn't eat.

Just imagine how she felt when waiting outside the operation theatre (手術室). She must be torn (擔憂) between her husband undergoing (進行) the operation and her two children in her mother's house.

I regret (後悔) that I wasn't there to give her support (支持) and comfort (安慰).


Hong kong Government is stealing from the poor to help the rich

Wed. 27th Mar., 1991. 21. Fine .

This year's taxation (稅務) makes Hong Kong citizens (市民) unhappy, especially those who smoke cigarettes. If the budget (財政預算) is passed, people will have to spend twenty or even more for a packet of cigarette (一包香煙). The increase is a hundred per cent (100%).

The prices of other things, such as food, transport fare (交通費), and recreational fee (娛樂消遣費), will also go up. That means high inflation (通貨膨脹) is unavoidable (無可避免的).

The low and middle class people will suffer the most under this taxation.

One legislative member said in today's debate (辯論) that Hong kong Government is stealing from the poor to help the rich. Several legislative members have claimed (聲稱) that they will vote against this budget.

I hope that this budget will be voted down.

Humorous Ronald Reagan

Thurs. 28th Mar., 1991. 20. Cloudy.

Mr Ronald Reagan (朗奴列根) is really a great man. Today he appeared in a ceremony in Washington University to receive a doctoral degree awarded (博士學位) by the university.

He was cured (醫治) in the medical faculty of this university after someone attempted (企圖) to assassinate (刺殺) him ten years ago.

Ronald stood on the podium (講台), looking very smart, and said humorously ( 默地), "I thought it was a ten year check up notice when I received the letter. It was not. Then I thought it might have something to do with my hospital bill!"

The audiences laughed loudly.

In the ceremony, he specially requested (要求) to see the nurse who held his hand and encouraged (鼓勵) him when he was submitted (送到) to the hospital.

Judging from his appearance, Ronald is strong, active as well as sincere and trustful. It seems that he can still be president for one more term.


Will Yelstsin replace Gorbachev

Fri. 29th Mar., 1991. 18. Cloudy.

Mr Gorbachev (戈巴卓夫) is in trouble now. People lining up two miles long in the street of Moscow (莫斯科) protested (抗議) and asked him to resign yesterday. Fifty thousand soldiers were called to stand by.

Fortunately, only a small confrontation (對抗) was reported when soldiers obstructed (阻止) protesters marching to the Red Wall.

Does Mr Gorbachev really fail like that?

It is true that people in Russia complain that their living standard has not been raised as promised by Mr Gorbachev, especially the miners who demonstrated recently, saying that they would go on strike (罷工) if the present condition is not improved.

The crowd were shouting Yelstsin (葉利欽), who seems to be the real man that can turn the bad situation of Russia into a prosperous (繁榮的) one.

We'll wait and see.


A trip to Tai Yu Shan

Sat. 30th Mar., 1991. 18. Cloudy.

A trip to Tai Yu Shan

I was learning against the balustrade (欄杆)
At the rear of the ship.
White bubbles were stirred up by the
Engine, looking like lilies
Open in the sun.


We were climbing up the mountain.
Climbing and climbing,
We almost lost
In the mist.

People usually become lazy in gloomy days

Sun. 31st Mar., 1991. 11. Cloudy.

The weather has gradually turned gloomy (陰鬱的) these days.

This morning I woke up and found that it was rather windy and cold. It is quite usual to have such a day at this time of the year.

Since it is rare (稀少的), I treasure (珍惜) it.

Weather is something that we can't control. It rains or sun shine by its own. Not even a bit will be changed according to our wills (意志). We feel bright when there is sunlight, but we have to endure when it is wet.

People usually become lazy and less active in holidays. I am dull (遲鈍的) now after a long sleep last night.

Does my dullness get something to do with the gloomy weather, or is it because I heard this morning the death of the famous cantonese woman actress Deng Big Wan (鄧碧雲)?

Maybe the sun will come out to bright the world later during the day.


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