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Saddam Hussein is really a tough






Fri. 11st Jan., 1991. 14℃. Cloudy.

The Gulf Crisis (海灣危機) has become very bad.

Jame Baker, Secretary (國務卿) of USA failed in the talk with Iraqi Foreign Minister (外長), Aziz, in Geneva (日內瓦) yesterday.

Baker, in a press conference, was very disappointed because Aziz even refused to accept the letter from President Bush to his President, Saddam Hussein. The reason he gave after reading the letter was that it was not polite enough rhetorically (修詞上不禮貌) for such a letter between Presidents.

What an artful (狡猾的) excuse it was!

It seems that Iraq does not only have any candor (誠意) to hold talks, but also simply ignores the military forces of the United Nations. Saddam Hussein is really a tough (流氓).

I think Saddam just pretends in that way. Maybe he is deadly frightened (怕得要死) and will later pull out (撤軍) of Kuwait, thus solving the crisis without any military action (軍事行動).

I hope so very much.


War is very likely going to break out

Sat. 12nd Jan., 1991. 14. Cloudy.

There are only three days before the deadline for Iraq to withdraw its army from Kuwait, but Saddam Hussein is so insistent (堅持) on his own way.

War is very likely going to break out!

Countries in the Middle East (中東) are preparing (預備好) for the tragedy (悲劇). People who might be affected buy more oil in order to flee (逃走) to safe places and store as much food as they can for the coming hard time. Foreign officials (外交官) and their families in that area are packing their things up and getting ready to be taken back to their countries.

Even Hong Kong, a city far from the war zone (戰區), is on the alert (警惕) in its airport.

I haven't experienced any real war before, seeing one is good enough. I imagine so, to exhilarate (使興奮) me; but owing to the high valve of the actual game, I would rather save my interest for a movie or some other games.

Time flies as an arrow does

Sun. 13rd Jan., 1991. 14. Cloudy.

Time flies as an arrow does!

Nearly one month's time seems a short moment. Today is the last day of my first term-break holidays.

I was quite leisure (輕鬆) and a bit lazy in the past few weeks, but still I have almost finished the projects I set at the beginning of the holidays.

These projects are mainly in literature. The biggest one is to read D. H. Lawrence's novel, Sons and Lovers, and I think I can finish reading the last chapter today. I have already read two novels recently; the other Chinese one "Hibiscus Town" (芙蓉鎮), was mentioned before. I learned a lot from these masterpieces. Also I have polished my short story, Conductor Pai's Dream (白指揮的夢).

I shall begin the second term of my university life tomorrow. I hope I can get used to the busy life again soon.

A very good beginning

Mon. 14th Jan., 1991. 13. Cloudy.

The grade A- result in my Modern Chinese Literature (現代中國文學)

examination is the most delicious (美味的)

and nutritious (富營養的) breakfast

for me to start

the new term

this morning.

Russian army open fire in Lithuania

Tues. 15th Jan., 1991. 11. Cloudy .

There is bloodshed (流血) in Lithuania (立陶宛)!

A lot of people were shot dead and wounded there by Russian army, but the Soviet Government denied to have given such order to her soldiers to open fire.

Tanks (坦克) and heavy arms were send to Lithuania a few days ago because the Lithuanians (立陶宛人) don't want to join the army of the Soviet Union (蘇聯), and still ask for the same thing: Independence (獨立).

If I were Gorbachev (戈巴卓夫), I would let the Lithuanians have their choice instead of forcing them to obey his government.

I feel that Lithuania to the Soviet Union is very much like a tumor (腫瘤) in one's body. Even though it is harmless, still its better to remove (割除) it, for that will be good forever.

What is the use of sacrificing (犧牲) so much for something suspending (懸掛)- in the air?

A suspending object has to fall, so just let it go!


Water is coming out from the lower edge of my bathtub

Wed. 6th Jan., 1991. 14. Fine.

I have to spend a lot of money, otherwise I shall live in a pool because water is coming out from the lower edge of my bathtub (浴缸).

I discovered that leaking (漏水) last Sunday afternoon. I didn't pay much attention to it. Water became more and more that it covered the floor of my bathroom as well as wetted a patch of the carpet outside of it.

At that time I realized that it's quite unusual and something must be done urgently.

I went to the watchman and ask for help. The watchman sent me a professional. I thought there might be some repairing only.

"The pipes in your home are too old and they have to be replaced." The professional said after inspection.

"Yes, yes." I said, knocking my head with a smile. "I have to dig for the pipes a long trench (一條坑) across the floor of your kitchen," he add; "and drill a hole through the wall to your bathroom."

I stopped smiling after hearing that and was aware then how serious the matter was. "How long will it take to finish the work?" I asked.

"Well," he replied. "About a week."
"How much does it cost?"
"Six thousands."
"Wah!" I stared at him with my mouth wide opened.
"Quite cheap already." he explained. "Wages for these kind of work is very high at the moment. I will guarantee a good work. Don't worried."

Since I am not rich enough to live in a hotel, I had better get ready to endure (忍受) the inconvenience (不便) and annoyance (煩擾) due to the work for a whole week's time.

War has finally broken out in the Gulf

Thurs. 17th Jan., 1991. 15. Sunny.

War has finally broken out in the Gulf (海灣)!

The United Nations army headed by USA has started an air-raid (空襲) at Baghdad (巴格達), the iraqi capital, early this morning.

President Bush gave a speech on TV two hours ago after the operation. He said that all ways of peace seeking had been exhausted (用盡了) and there was no other choice, but (只有) military action (軍事行動).

It is now ten hours after the air-raid and we don't see any resistance (抵抗) from the Iraqi (伊拉克的) side.

What kind of military strategy (策略) is Saddam Hussein using?

Would it be a trap to bait () the United Nations army? Is Saddam Hussein just waiting until all the UN soldiers fall into his controlled area and then gives them a total blow (突然而全面的打擊)?

The UN army must look out for this because Saddam Hussein is truly a cunning (狡猾的) tough (惡棍)!


Methods to improve your English

Fri. 18th Jan., 1991. 15. Fine.

A lot of people have great difficulties to listening to English. There may be two main obstructions preventing them from grasping the ideas of English speakers or broadcast using this medium (媒介).

The first one is vocabulary. Students of lower forms have this problem for there are too many words they don't know. They will find a vague place wherever they meet a new word and that undoubtedly brings them mists and , perhaps, psychological fears as well, which surely will hinder (阻礙) their comprehension (理解).

The second obstruction probably the most fundamental one, is grammar; that is, in other words, sentence structure. Great confusion will certainly occur if people can't analyze grammatically in their minds the structures of the sentences being uttered. There may be just a mess (雜亂) of words or even syllables, especially in fast speeches when people are unable to figure out clearly the subjects, verbs, objects, or complements of the clauses in long on-going sentences.

The best way to get improvement in English listening, of course, is to have a drill in grammar. First of all, your efforts should be made on the eight parts of speech and then on the understanding of different kinds of phrases and clauses.

After you have proceeded further to master the five basic sentence structures: (S+V, S+V+O, S+V+C, S+V+O+O, S+V+O+C.), with the seeing of the magic of these five tools in expressing ideas in English and to know more new words, you will achieve listening skills substantially (實質上地).

And In fact, besides listening, your other abilities in this language, including reading, writing and speaking, will also progress surprisingly (驚奇地).


Saddam Hussein finally launched several missiles to Israel

Sat. 19th Jan., 1991. 16. Cloudy.

Saddam Hussein finally launched several missiles (飛彈) to Israel (以色列) last night.

Such a big tough (惡棍)!

Israel has not, up to now, given any reaction, but has warned that she reserves the right to strike (打擊) Iraq at any time in any manner in order to defend (防守) her citizens.

President Bush was so outraged (憤慨) that he immediately ordered his army to bomb Baghdad more severely. At the same time he appreciated Israel's constraint (克制) on the aggression (侵略).

Fortunately, the missiles were reported to have not carried chemical or bacterial warheads, otherwise the situation would have been worse because President Bush would have retaliated in the same way.

What will Saddam Hussein, the insane (有精神病的) man, do next? The whole world is watching and guessing.


God bless the Iraqi civilians

Sun. 20th Jan., 1991. 16. Sunny.

The coalition (聯軍) air force have been continuously bombing Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, since the day before yesterday.

How many bombs have been dropped at the target places by the coalition planes in four thousand times a day to and fro? And How much ruins (毀壞) have been caused in Baghdad by those destructive (破壞的) explosives (炸彈)?

I wonder how Sadam Hussein and his people go on with that city after the war.

In fact, he should have averted (避免 ) the disaster at the last minute when the United Nations' Secretary-general, Javier Perez de Cellarets, rushed to see him with a 5-point peace proposal (五項和平建議) before the air-raid operation.

Saddam Hussein, the crazy man, wagered (打賭) his country, his people, his position and even his own life in a losing gambling (賭博).

God bless the Iraqi civilians (伊拉克人民)!


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