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Gung Hei Far Choi






Thurs. 21st Feb., 1991. 13℃. Fine.

Our English lecturer Mrs Bond came in the classroom with a happy face this morning. After putting down her bag, she held her hands together and bowed (鞠躬) to us in our Chinese way with a greeting (恭賀) "Gung Hei Far Choi".

Seeing that unexpectedly (出乎意外地), we almost forgot to answer "Lai See Dau Loy" (利是豆來).

She then took out a box of chocolate, beautiful wrapped (包著), from her bag and gave it to us. We were happy to open it and shared among us.

I think we, Chinese people, have a very good tradition (傳統) in new year's time. The gesture (動作) and words greeting each other are really nice, such as being healthy and to be wealthy. Everyone wants them, including foreigners.

It is no wander that Mrs Bond accept our way of New Year greetings.

Iraq has got ready for ground fighting

Fri. 22nd Feb., 1991. 13. Fine.

Early this morning I was happy to know the news that Iraq (伊拉克) will withdraw (撤軍) from Kuwait (科威特).

President Mihail Gorbachev (戈巴卓夫) has played a great role to stop the Gulf- War (海灣戰爭). I thought it must be the case that Iraq has accepted the Gorbachev peace proposal (和平建議) brought back to Saddam Hussein yesterday by Tareq Aziz, the Foreign Minister (外交官) of Iraq.

After having lunch in Chung Chi canteen (飯堂) of Chinese University, I rushed to (趕去) the TV room to watch the mid-day news.

I was so disappointed (失望) to hear that Madam Hussein's speech to his people that Iraq has got ready for ground fighting.

In the white house, President Bush is still discussing (討論) the issue with his men to see whether the Soviet proposal is a conditional (有條件的) one.

Watershed (轉捩點) might come at any minute, though (雖然)!


I don't like studying history

Sat. 23rd Feb., 1991. 14. Sunny.

I haven't spent too much time on Music History these days (近來).

If I am not interested in composition, I would have died because the history of the early music has a lot of strange names to memorize and is extremely boring.

I don't like history and that was why I dropped both Chinese and world history in my School Certificate Examination (中學會考).

Even so (雖然如此) , my interest in current affairs (時事) will sometimes be aroused (引起) by dramatic changes (戲劇性的轉變) of the world situations (世界局勢), such as the June 4th incident (六四事件) in China, the struggle for independence (爭取獨立) in- Luthuania (立陶宛), and the present Gulf War (現時的海灣戰爭).

Still, my sudden interest is confined (局限) to the nearby relations (相近的關係) of that incident (事件), not the ancient (古舊的) stories, because the ancient ones are too far away that I can't see its linkage (連係) with the present (現在).


It is really hard to handle such a big tough

Sun. 24th Feb., 1991. 14. Sunny.

The Ultimatum (最後通牒) of ground assault (地面作戰) set by President Bush for Iraqi troops (軍隊) to withdraw from Kuwait has passed, and there seems to have no signs that Iraq will respond positively (正面回應).

Ground fighting will result a lot of deaths and wounds. Viewing the bad situation, I'm afraid that it is very likely (多數會) going to break out (發生) soon.

Yesterday, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Aziz, announced that Iraq would accept the peace proposal set by President Gorbachev and that showed Iraq had sincerity (真誠) to withdraw.

Meanwhile Saddam Hussin encouraged his soldiers to fight and said that he would burn the coalition army (聯軍) into ashes (灰燼).

Alluded (暗示) by his words "burn into ashes", would Saddam Hussein use biochemical (生化) weapons (武器) against his enemies (敵人)?

It is really hard to handle (對付) such a big tough (惡棍)!


Mr Yeltsin asked President Gorbachev to resign

Mon. 25th Feb., 1991. 15. Fine.

There is a political storm in the Soviet Union at the moment.

Mr Yeltsin (葉利欽) asked President Gorbachev (戈巴卓夫) to resign (辭職) a few days ago for (因為) he thinks that Mr Gorbachev has become a dictator (獨裁者).

By my guessing, Yeltsin reasoned (得出結論) Gorbachev to be a dictator from the way he handled (處理) the referendum (公投) in Lithuania (立陶宛).

I believe Mr Gorbachev will never be a dictator though he has said before that freedom doesn't mean democracy (自由不等於民主).

According to my viewpoint (觀點), Mr Gorbachev can still be greater if he let the Lithuanians become independent (獨立) because people nowadays (如今) have woken up from ignorance (無知).

Truth can't be suppressed (打壓) by any means (方法). The entire (整個) world is moving towards it.

I hope President Gorbachev will be a bit more far-sighted (遠見) than he is and be able to see the trend (趨勢).


Madam is really a cruel and cunning dictator

Tues. 26th Feb., 1991. 15. Cloudy.

On the second day of the triumphant (獲勝的) ground military offensive (有攻擊性的) launched by the coalition army, Saddam Hussein finally announced (終於宣佈) on Radio Baghdad (巴格達電台) that Kuwait is no longer (不再是) Iraqi territory (伊拉克的土地) and he would withdraw his army from there.

I am now writing this journal and at the same time watching the program "The Mind of Saddam" on TVB pearl channel.

As described by the documentary (記錄片), Saddam grew up (成長) with the accompany of brute (粗暴的) forces. One of the witnesses (目擊者) said that Saddam could tell whether or not a man was a conspirator (謀判者) by a glance (看一眼) on his eyes. And he would kill him immediately if anyone was found to be.

Saddam is really a cruel and cunning (狡猾的) dictator (獨裁者). That is why the USA and England rejected (拒絕) his seem-to-be sincerity (看似真誠的) and war is still going on.

This time, will the United Nations (聯合國) give him a chance? Let's wait and see.

Saddam Hussein must end the war at the terms of the United Nations

Wed. 27th Feb., 1991. 16. CLoudy .

Bagdad's weather has turned bad today. It reflects (反映) the mood of the Iraqi people.

From rejoicing (歡騰) in peace, they have changed to sad and worried when hearing the broadcast by Saddam Hussein that their troops were attacked by the coalition forces on the way of withdrawal (撤軍的路上) after they had won the war in Kuwait.

President Bush said in Washington that Saddam's announcement of his victory (勝利) and withdrawal from Kuwait at this time was an outrage (憤慨). He also said Saddam was not voluntary (自願) to give up Kuwait, but just seeking ways to save his men and weapons for future use.

So military action is still going on as scheduled (按原定的計劃).

The Prime Minster of the United Kingdom (英國首相), Mr John Major (馬卓安), said that Saddam Hussein must end the war at the terms of the United Nations (按照聯合國的決議停戰).

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Thurs. 28th Feb., 1991. 18. Cloudy.

The war in the Middle East has finally ended today. Since the day Saddam Hussein usurped (侵略) Kuwait (科威特), the whole world were condemning (譴責) him. Now he has totally failed and lost face.

I suddenly feel that Saddam is very poor. From the historical point of view, Saddam is really "great" that he made an extraordinary (非常的) event shocking the entire (整個) world. There have not been many men like him in the history of human beings (人類曆史).

According to Einstein's (愛因斯坦) Theory of Relativity (相對論), everything must get its opposite; so is peace.

The world has been quite peaceful since the Second World War (第二次世界大戰). There should be a battle for balance. Therefore we have just had one though we never want any.

Saddam Hussein was chosen (人選) several decades (幾十年) ago to cause the Gulf War. He performed his duty perfectly well to anger (激怒) President Bush, another chosen one, to give the order to let off the first bomb to start the long-brewed (長期釀造的) battle.

Should we punish Saddam as lots of people died because of him; but on the other hand, "he has executed (執行) his mission (使命) so beautifully!"


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