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Without taking the exercise, therefore I failed disastrously






Fri. 21th Dec., 1990. 17℃. Fine.

It turned out to be unbelievable. I got 90 marks in my history tutorial test of the University General Education this morning.

This was the second time I took the test because I failed in it last Monday. The reason was that I finished it in a wrong procedure.

The proper (正確的) way to do the test is firstly to have two exercises in which the computer will give reasons why your answers are correct or wrong.

Within 30 minutes, students will be able to know how to use the biographies, including Britannica "字典", Who's Who "字典", etc. to answer the questions.

And then students will enter their ID number and name before they take the test so that the computer can start counting their scores.

Last time I entered my ID number and name without taking the exercise, therefore I failed disastrously (悲慘地). I got 40 marks only!

Fortunately, I was allowed to try again and this time I did it triumphantly (勝利地) .


I start learning typing

Sat. 22nd Dec., 1990. 17. Sunny.

Today I start learning typing for my next term's papers (論文).

I used to think that hand writing is good enough for a paper and there is no need- to type it. I have changed my mind after finishing my first academic (學術的) one.

It is really a must to type papers since tremendous efforts have been put on them, and it is worthwhile (值得) to have a neat and smart appearance to make it even more estimable (可尊重的).

I bought a typing book last night. According to the book, it seems quite easy to achieve the technique.

Basically there are eight lessons for the mastery (支配權) of the keyboard, and then a few lessons for further practice.

I will spend half an hour on it every day, hoping that I can, within this term-break, acquire (獲得) the method well enough for the coming term.


Is my writing normal or I am too stupid

Sun. 23rd Dec., 1990. 14. Sunny.

We can obtain (得到) knowledge from books; but sometimes we might be frightened (使駭怕) or get frustrated (挫敗) in reading.

I do have this kind of feeling very often while reading. The writers go on points after points or topics after topics in such fluent ways and then end with wise (聰明的) and convincing (令人心服的) conclusions (總結) making you nod your head continuously.

It is even more stricken (受打擊的) in fiction (小說) reading. The authors attract your eyes to follow their stories chapter after chapter and you will not put it down until you finish reading it.

How can people have so much to write and why I have to scratch (抓傷) my head many times before I can finish a short journal like this one?

Is it normal or am I too stupid? I hope someone can tell me.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to people all over the world

Mon. 24th Dec., 1990. 15. Sunny.

---------------Silent night
----------------------Holy night
-------------------------------All is calm
--------------------------------------All is bright
------------------------------------------- ....................
------------------------------------------------- .................

MERRY CHRISTMAS to people all over the world,
Especially the sick and the poor!

Old Bush is going to fight Saddam Hussein for Kuwait

Tues. 25th Dec., 1990. 15. Sunny.

The sun is shining.
Everything is smiling.
Such a warm and peaceful
Christmas day!

Having a tin of Coca Cola,
I am reading D. H. Lawrence's
Sons and Lovers.

I look up and close my eyes:-
The american solders in the
Hot and dusty desert in the
Middle East comes to my mind.

They have been staying there
for over a hundred days,
waiting for the battle against
the ambitious (野心的) Iraqi (伊拉克) invader (侵略者),
Saddam Hussein
who has usurped (強奪) Kuwait (科威特).

I open my eyes and see:
The sun is shining.
Everything is smiling.
Such a warm and peaceful
Christmas day!

Hong Kong people is one of the most busy and tense groups in the world

Wed. 26th Dec., 1990. 17. Sunny.

I went to see a movie this evening. It was so funny that I couldn't help laughing and clapping hands.

In the old days, people liked movies of love and wars, such as "Gone with the wind", "My Fair Lady" and "Jane Eyrie" etc. These were the great favorites of our parents.

A bit later, there came another fad (時尚) of western cowboy gun shooting. Clean Eastwood (奇連伊士活), I know, was a famous star of this kind of movies.

In the early seventies, James Bond (占士邦) series were strongly welcomed by the youngsters. "The Towering Inferno" (沖天大火災) which featured a great casting, including Steve McQuein (史提夫麥坤), Robert Ryan and several other famous stars, bringing a modern flavor (味道) to the late seventies (七十年代後期).

There must be reasons and social needs for a fashion of certain things to prevail (流行) at a particular (某段時期) time. In this busy and tense late twenty century, we really need movie like "The Mad Mad World" (瘋狂世界). Jack Lemon's comedy (喜劇). The recent funny series, "Student Cops" (學警出更) was needed for relaxation and balance of the hard-at-work life.

The trend of the Chinese film industry at the moment is the kind of film that gives people fun and makes people laugh, like the one I have seen just now, because Hong Kong people is one of the most busy and tense (拉緊) group in the world.


A friend of mine has got breast cancer

Thurs. 27th Dec., 1990. 17. Sunny.

I am so sad to receive a letter from a fried of mine in England, saying that she has got breast cancer (乳癌)!

The letter was written after she had taken an operation in hospital. She said she sought (尋求) treatment (治療) immediately following the discovery (發現) of the symptoms (病徵).

She is a registered nurse (註冊護士) in Hong Kong. She migrated (移民) to England after marrying an Englishman several years ago and she divorced him last year.

Recently, she met a young married man who went to England from China and they have been going very well. Since then she has been taking pain (折騰) by ethical mind (道德思想) and struggling (掙扎) to leave him.

Fate (命運) is playing with her!

She is a young and beautiful woman. I hope very much that she will be alright after treatment.

I appreciate this policy, but I miss that charming scene very much

Fri. 28th Dec., 1990. 16. Sunny.

I am suddenly aware (醒覺) that there is something missing on the television at this time of the year.

In the past years around Christmas time, the dealer (商戶) of a famous cigarette- has put out on the screen a seasonal greeting in which hills, trees and huts were all covered by snow. It was a beautiful scene with warm and tender (溫柔的) music that gave me a peaceful and lovely Christmas mood.

It is a good policy that Hong Kong government forbids (禁止) all cigarette advertisement on both television and cinema screens because cigarette smoking is hazardous to our health and gives pollution to the air.

I appreciate (讚成) this policy, but I miss that charming (迷人的) scene very much.

I suffer whenever listening to music

Sat. 29th Dec., 1990. 17. Cloudy.

Music always gives people a good impression. Therefore it is quite right to say that everybody loves music.

But this may not be true to those who are really involved (捲入) in music. I, being- an example, suffer whenever listening to music for I have to filter in my mind every note that reaches my ears. A harmony teacher told us that one of his friend knelt (下跪) down in the dark while listening to Tchaikovsky's (柴可夫司基) Symphony No 6, the Pathetic (悲愴交響曲).

Perhaps everyone has seen a conductor conducting the orchestra. He often- frowns (皺眉), gnashes his teeth (咬牙切齒) and clenches his fists (緊握拳頭) with dishevelled hair (散亂的頭髮) and a sweating face (滿面汗水). Leonard Bernstein, the famous American conductor, once cried when he was backstage (走進後台) after conducting.

Most people love enjoying music because they just let the notes flow over their minds like water flows over a duck's back (水過鴨背). They don't have to care about the harmony (和聲), counterpoint (對位), tone color (音色), form (曲式), etc. This is-good as long as (只要) they can get both enjoyment and relaxation from listening to music.

Once I told a doctor that I couldn't sleep well because my mind was continuously working for a term paper. He then advised me with great confidence:- "Well, try to have some music to relax yourself before going to bed."

I said nothing but drew my brows together into wrinkles (皺眉蹙額), feeling rather disappointed (失望).

Nevertheless, if you look for art or subtlety, the best thing to do is to turn to music.


Story in the Cultural Revolution of China

Sun. 30th Dec., 1990. 18. Cloudy.

I have just finished reading a long story called Hibiscus Town (芙蓉鎮), which is about the ten-year Cultural Revolution in China.

The part impressing me very much is that when the two main roles, Chin Shrub Ten and Wu Yuk Yin (胡玉英), were said to be guilty (有罪) and to be punished to sweep (打掃) the street together every morning. They soon felt in love (相戀) and then Wu was pregnant (懷孕).

This shows that humanity (人性) can't be suppressed (壓迫).

The last scene touched (感動) me the most: Chin got his acquittal (釋放) from the Communist Party ten-year imprisonment, rushing back to see his wife Wu. In the street they embraced (擁抱) after missing each day and night for such a long time.

This revolution was really bad to China. It was the destiny (命運) of our nation.

I hope people will learn from history and be wise in the future.

Experienced University life and thereby broadened my vision

Mon. 31th Dec., 1990. 18. Fine.

I look up and see on the wall the slogan (口號) I made last New Year's Eve:-

Hello 90s. I will fly!

I intended to achieve something in the nineties when I made the slogan and had submitted (呈交) the application form with my musical composition to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, hoping that I shall be accepted (准入讀) by its Music Department (音樂系).

Being so glad for having accomplished (完成了) the first step of my will (意願), I am enjoying the term-break now.

I have got quite a lot in the first term: I learned swimming in P.E. lessons, I finished three papers (論文), several essays (文章) and so remarkably, nearly a hundred journals (日記). In addition, I have started my clarinet and vocal (聲樂) lessons already.

Mostly, I have experienced University life and thereby (因此) broadened my vision (擴闊了視野).



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