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The meaning of P.E. lessons is to take part






Thurs. 11st Apr., 1991. 24℃, Sunny.

I got only thirteen marks in the one minute free shooting of my basketball examination this afternoon. I got the lowest score (得分), but not too far behind the other two low ones: 14 and 16 marks.

Worrying that I might fail in P.E. course, I know it won't be possible. Though I can't get high marks in the basketball shooting, I still have chances in the coming two events which will be more easy for me.

The purpose of the P.E. lessons for freshmen (大學新生) is surely not to train athletes (運動員), but for participation (參與) and exercise (體育活動). I don't think the teacher of this course will fail a student like me who have never been absent from or late for his class.

I enjoyed the swimming lessons last term and like the basketball class of this term.

Consequently (結果), the university has achieved its goal: I become quite fit now.

Russian people ask Gorbachev to resign

Fri., 12nd Apr., 1991. 24, Sunny.

I am afraid that President Gorbachev may fall this time. A lot of people in Russia ask him to resign (辭職).

So many miners (礦工) are on strike now. Gorbachev has been trying to seek power from the congress (國會) to stop the strike, but hundreds of thousands of miners went on strike deliberately against his economic reform yesterday. They were carrying his portraits with big crosses on them.

Does Russia really have big problems that are so hard to be tackled (對付) or is Gorbachev a mediocrity (平庸之才)?

Mr Gorbachev seems to have tried his best, but the economic condition in Russia has truly been going down. How can people survive under such a high inflation with little income?

Something more must be done.

Save the Kurdish refugees

Sat., 13rd Apr., 1991. 24, Sunny.

A picture on the front page of the newspaper today shows a Kurdish (庫德族的) woman with her sick baby in her bosom (懷抱) and begging a Turkish (土耳其的) soldier to let her get into Turkey (土耳其) to find a doctor.

In another picture, a lot of people stretch their hands high up when breads (麵包) are thrown (被拋) to them.

The poor Kurdish refugees (難民) have been on the mountain for over a week already. They are facing hunger and coldness (饑寒交逼). Their deaths are expected at any moment.

The United States has promised to take urgent measures (緊急策略) to provide seven hundred thousand shelters (帳篷) for these Kurds and to let them be warm and free from hunger.

Please go ahead right away, America! Otherwise as the newspaper said, all the innocent children there will die of hunger and illness within ten days and even the adults will be in bad condition.

So be quick! Lives are precious (珍貴的).


The negotiation between China and Britain

Sun. 14th Api., 1991. 21. Fine.

The negotiation (談判) of the new airport held in Beijing (北京) last week was a major event between China and Britain (英國). It was paused (停了) yesterday.

The Foreign Minister of United Kingdom visited China last Sunday and started the negotiation. The Minister came back to Hong Kong two days later and gave us a speech, saying that there were a lot of problems to be solved.

"Both sides are working hard." he added. His words brought much worries to the people of Hong Kong. One day after that, the chief of the Chinese negotiation team said that to get a solution from the negotiation was as hard as to climb up to the top of Tai Shan (泰山)!

The Hang Seng index thereupon (立刻) dropped down nearly three hundred points.

What hindering (阻礙) the negotiation was said to be the appropriate (恰當的) wording for "consult" (請教;商量), and the amount of money left for Hong Kong when it is handed over to China in 1997.


Jose Carreras' Recital

Mon. 15th Apr., 1991. 21. Fine .

Although I have got in touch with music for over ten years, I didn't go to a vocal recital (聲樂獨唱會) until this evening.

The recital (獨唱會) featured one of the world's top tenors (男高音), Jose Carreras, and was one of the best of its kind that had been held in Hong Kong.

Carrera's voice was powerful in the middle register (中音區), stunning (了不起的) in the high (高音區), and so sweet when he sang falsetto (假音). His phrasing, expression, and gesture were all well controlled, giving a perfection (完美) to his performance that made the audiences unwilling to leave and clap hands till the fourth encore (再來一個).

The duty man told me that he had never seen such an occasion when the hall was completely full (全滿), leaving even not one seat empty.

Definitely (肯定地), this will be an unforgettable vocal recital for tonight's audiences, including me (包括我).

Facing the final examinations

Tues. 16th Apr., 1991. 22. Fine.

Final examinations are approaching; I have five this term.

Most of them are well scheduled in such a way that it will leave me enough time to prepare for each course, except Modern Chinese Literature and Music History. As usual, these two subjects still cluster (密集) on the same day, giving me very much pressure because both of them have a lot of stuff (東西) to reviewed.

I will set that day as the most challenging moment in order to keep myself focus at it with my best attention.

The pressure seemed to have gone yesterday immediately after Dr Wong, my Modern Chinese Literature lecturer, held a voting decide what form of examination we will suffer this time.

The result came out to be a take-home examination. That sounds pretty new and appears to be much easier.

I like it!

A dream

Wed. 17th Apr., 1991. 23. Sunny.

There is a high quality residential building, named Dynasty Court, advertised on today's newspaper. It will attract the attention of many people.

Dynasty Court is situated on the peak where fresh air and beautiful harbor views are surely there. It was a flat-plan of nearly two thousand square feet made into three bedrooms and a large sitting room with a dining room.

Judging from the building's name and price, I know the materials used must be of the first class and the recreational facilities should be in ample (充足的) varieties.

How great it would be if I had money to buy a flat in that building with such a luxury spirit!

Since I am neither a merchant nor a Mark Six (六合彩) player, there is only one way of having hope to own such a flat. That is to do something which concerns the public: to write books, to compose music or to be a popular signer.

I ask myself: can I?

The last journal to thank Mrs Bond

Thurs. 18th Apr., 1991. 23. Sunny.

I have been keeping journals daily (每日都寫日記) since 1st Oct., !990. Including this one, I have written more than two hundred journals!

How difficult it was to keep a journal every day, especially in the first two months, and during examination weeks when my brain was so exhausted (精力用盡了).

As time went on, my brain has been trained in such a way that whenever I pick up a pen, words will come to my mind automatically and flowed out from the tip of the pen on the paper.

I have developed a habit of writing and this must be attributed (歸功於) to my English lecturer Mrs Bond. I certainly can't have achieved (獲得) this if without Mrs Bond's urge (督促).

This is the final journal for Mrs Bond because my English course is going to end, but it won't be the final one, I hope, for myself.


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