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Mon. 1st Apr., 1991. 12℃, Sunny.

The weather turns bright in this Easter, but the temperature has dropped down extraordinary (非常特殊的) to 12 degrees.

In the past few days Hong Kong had gloomy (陰鬱的) and drizzly (下著毛毛雨的) weather. I am so pleased (開懷) to see the sun today.

It would be nice to go rooming (遊玩) or seeing friends on such a fine day. Since I have been lazy for many days already and this is the last day of the Easter holidays, I have to stay at home reading and doing assignments (功課).

This morning I finished reading a thin book called "Ellipsis in English"(英語省略法), which I bought in Monkok last night at 11 pm. It is a useful book, but it costs me very little to own it: five dollars!.

The night of Reading Chinese Poems

Tues., 2nd Apr., 1991. 14, Fine.

This evening I experienced the first time seeing people read (朗誦) Chinese poems distinctly (顯然地) in a gathering called "Sounds of Hills and Water", organized (組織) by Dr W.L.Wong of the Chinese Department. It was held in Run Run Shaw Hall (逸夫堂) of Chinese University.

The theme (主題) of the reading was about environmental protection (環保). So most of the people (參與) participating wore green clothes.

When getting into the hall, I heart Beethoven's Symphony No.6, the Pastoral (田園交響樂), and that atmosphere (氣氛) gave guests (來賓) a calm and peaceful feeling.

All poems and essays read describe landscapes (山水). I enjoyed it very much.

Anther thing worth mentioning was that I saw many famous poets (詩人) and writers whose names I have known long before.


Mr Gorbachev's difficulty

Wed., 3rd Apr., 1991. 15, Sunny.

The Russian people cried (俄國人民哭了) when saw the food price marked on the labels; some even has gone up to ten times of the original!

Mr Gorbachev's (戈巴卓夫的) economic reform (經濟改革) doesn't seem to have any effects in improving his peoples' life. (改善人民的生活) On the contrary (相反地), it made the situation worse (更壞).

The miners (礦工) are threatening (威嚇) to strike (罷工) because they are very angry with their poor living standard.

If the miners were on strike, President Gorbachev would have a pressing (重壓的) moment and that would favor (有利於) Yeltsin (葉利欽) whom I don't like.

I hope Mr Gorbachev will be able to overcome this difficulty.


Missing the notice because I left immediately

Thurs. 4th Api., 1991. 16. Cloudy.

On my bicycle I rushed all the way back to university early this morning and found that there was nobody in the classroom. Then I went to Mrs Bond's office and saw the light was not on.

Mrs Bond is an early bird and she should be back. I guessed there must be something special.

When I was about to leave, my partner Tim rushed up the stairs and told me that the lecture had been shifted to the Audio Room at 9am.

I was late for yesterday's lecture so I missed the announcement. My partner had no chance to tell me because I left immediately after the lectures.

This evening, I bought a basketball and practiced shooting in the court nearby. I am afraid that I might fail in my P.E. examination next Tuesday. I shall practice as much as I can in the following days.


Ching Ming Festival

Fri. 5th Apr., 1991. 18. Cloudy.

Today is the Ching Ming Festival. Traditionally Chinese people visit their ancestor's graves (祖先的墳墓) on this day, thereby (藉以) paying tributes (敬意) to their ancestors.

The weather is usually drizzly (毛毛細雨的) around this festival, but today it was fine. People young and old gathered at the KCR station trying to get tickets for Woo Hap Shek (和合石).

"It is too important to miss it (太重要了, 不能錯過)!" one passenger answered a TV reporter (記者).

Only a limited number of tickets were sold at the peak hours, thus making a lot of people grumble (埋怨).

There was a misfortune (不幸) in which a family of five were burned seriously in a hill fire that was believed to be caused accidentally by some of the grave visitors when burning paper money and clothes for their ancestors (祖先).

Thanks to my English lecturer

Sat. 6th Apr., 1991. 20. Cloudy.

I am very happy to receive a reply from English Medium (英迅補習社), telling me that my application to the part-time teacher post is successful.

I had my interview last Monday. After filling in the application form, I was require (被要求) to mark an essay according to a marking scheme.

It was a long essay composed, I believed, by an experienced teacher who so deliberately (故意地) and skillfully (熟練地) made a lot of mistakes. I point them out one by one and ended the marking with a comment (評語) on the space provided: "The writer has got his idea quite well presented, but he is a bit weak in grammar and rhetoric (修詞)."

I am sure I won't be fortunate (幸運的) in my application if I have not improved my English these months.

All that must be attributed (歸功於) to my English lecturer Mrs Bond.


Save the Kurds from hunger and coldness

Sun. 7th Apr., 1991. 19. Cloudy .

The Golf War has ended, but it leaves a situation in which hundreds of thousands of refugees (難民) are moving from Kurd ( 庫德) of Iraq (伊拉克) to Iran (伊朗) and Turkey (土耳其).

The Kurdish (庫德族人) fleeing (逃難) Saddam Hussein's killing have been staying on the cold mountain without food and water for many days. Fifteen hundreds of them have died and thereupon (立刻) were buried on the mountain by their families.

Fortunately, it snowed yesterday so the refugees can get water from the melting snow, and also, the American planes have started dropping food for them this morning.

President Bush is accused (被遣責) by some of his senators (國會議員) and especially the Kurds (庫德族人), saying that he is almost standing still though he has promised that those who go out to overthrow (推翻) Saddam Hussein will receive support from him.

I think not only President Bush, but the entire () world should take urgent action to save the Kurds from hunger and coldness.

Former USA president Reagan's embarrassing time

Mon. 8th Apr., 1991. 18. Drizzle.

I am really unhappy to hear that the former first lady (前第一夫人) of USA, Nancy, has an affair (愛情) with the famous middle-of-the-road singer, Frank Sinatra!

This saying, not yet proved, is disclosed (揭露) by a book called "Unauthorized Biography". It says that Nancy is a woman of power-loving. She was actually the decision maker when her husband Ronald Reagan (朗奴列根) being the President. Documents must be seen by her before passing to President Reagan.

Up to what extent are these things believable? According to newspapers, the author of this book, Kitty Kelly, has spent five years in finding materials, including over one thousand recordings.

Besides (除了) these embarrassing (令人困惑的) matters, Mr Reagan has also been evaluated (評為) as "below average" in presidential performance.

Poor Ronald, what a bad time you have!


Environmental Protection

Tues. 9th Apr., 1991. 19. Cloudy.

Until a guest speaker delivered a valuable speech about environmental protection during our English lecture this afternoon, I seem to know the significance (真議) of this movement.

The speaker started with "ice walk" and then went into the main topic. He talked with slides, showing to us how people challenged the cold weather in the polar area with limited amount of food.

The slides also evidenced that the world is getting dirtier and dirtier because people cut trees without replanting them, causing more carbon dioxide and less oxygen in the air. Factories continually give out carbon dioxide to contaminate our environment.

He finally warned if the Ozone (氧氣層) above is still going on to be thinned, the earth will have a great disaster in the near future.

A very busy day

Wed. 10th Apr., 1991. 24. Cloudy.

It has been a busy day for me today.

After the Logic lesson (邏輯課), I immediately had the last tutorial (導修) on this subject. Venn Diagram, Syllogism, Truth or False and Valid or Invalid occupied my mind the whole morning.

The sound in my stomach drove me rushing to the canteen. Eating like a hungry wolf, I finished lunch in less than ten minutes.

One hour later, I will have vocal lesson and my teacher who lives on the island!

Before writing this journal. I was practicing basketball in the court nearby. I saw nobody there because it was nearly 10 pm. I repeatedly shot hard, hoping to get a better score (得分) in tomorrow's P.E. examination.

I am sure I will fall asleep right after I put down the last full stop.

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